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cmHelping You Find Success With Personalized Pathfinding

Feel like a hampster on a wheel and you can’t stop running? Time to make a change, but dont know how?

You’re feeling overwhelmed again. Out of control, choatic even. Full of things to do, but nothing ever seems to get done. Deep down you feel that something is wrong, but where to start, so back to treading that all famililar wheel again. Suddenly you realise your life has become unmanageable, just going from one crisis to another in an never ending cascade. And no one seems to even notice. If all this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s time to step off the wheel, take a deep breath, and start a journey of a different kind…

What Is Pathfinding?

Isn't it just an innovative way of saying "coaching"?

 It is very similar in a lot of ways, the essential difference is that Versology seeks to help you find fulfillment in life and in business and not one or the other like most coaches.

What will I gain from Pathfinding?

Because you will be exploring ideas and beliefs and finding things about yourself that you possibly didn’t know before, pathfinding not only helps you in your business but in your life decisions as well. It will create a deep sense of “knowing” and a lot of aha moments.

What can I expect?

Pathfinding is about changing your perspective, finding your groove in life, and being completely fulfilled in all areas of your life. It is about finding the balance in your inner and outer worlds and how to turn chaos into harmony.

How long does Pathfinding take?

Depending on where you are in your life and in your business walk, it can be a relatively fast process or it can be a longer process. You set the pace.

How Do I know If Pathfinding is Right For Me?

Pathfinding does more than build bridges where there weren’t any. It helps you to realise what kind of bridge you need, how to construct the bridge and the time you have to do it in.

Do you know what your purpose is?

Why are you here? What did you come here to do? These are questions most people ask themselves at some point in their life’s journey. Let’s find out together.

How do you want your world to be?

Using the power of imagination and creating your world as you want it to be, is scientifically proven to help in making it a reality.

What would you need to become to make it happen?

What are the changes, choices and things you would need to do or to have to make your world the place you envision?

What type of impact do you want to make in the world?

Pathfinding will help you form strategies and plans to find, your why, your values, your core culture, and your business vision, and the alignment between your needs as a person to make an impact in the world.

Our Approach

There is no right or wrong, just a state of being. This is your business and your why. We are are connectors that create sense of all the things that make up your world and your ultimate business success. 

Like the furniture manufacturer who doesn’t quite understand his passion. He knows he loves furniture, and making it and the design of it, but he doesn’t understand the complete picture. He’s not in touch with his purpose for making the furniture. We help him connect his passion with his purpose and translate that into customer value. Because he now knows and understands what the problem his business is solving, he can craft better marketing messages that talk directly to his target audience. In talking to his audience in this way they feel that he understands them and he can connect with his clients in a more fluid way. 

How We Work

Schedule a Free 1:1

Why risk it? You could loose 30 minutes of your time, and work it out, that’s money, right?

Or you could use a different lens and use the time to start a journey (with or without us).  It may just be the catalyst.



Jump right in with a plan

Seen enough to know this is right for you already and don’t want to waste any more time?  That’s great. Let’s get started right away.  

Choose a plan that you think is right for you. 


I want special

We’re not one size fits all. There will be times when the situation you find yourself in, is not a usual  one. That’s why we will give you a near perfect solution that is flexible and we’ll be there for you and with you .

2 Week “My Big Why” Package

Finding your why, your values, your passions and the vision for your business. The process may take a little longer than two weeks to get there, depending on how in touch you are with yourself and the level of introspection you do in the sessions and between them.


More Details

Do you have the feeling that you’re stuck? Do you get overwhelmed easily? Or maybe you know changes need to be made but you have no clue where or how? Embark on the “My Big Why” journey and you will return relaxed, invigorated and possibly even with a tan!

4 Week “This is Me”Package

You have your why, passions and values spot on, but you just can’t seem to hit the mark with getting your business to where it needs to be, where you know it can and should be. Pack your bags, we’re going to find out!


More Details

Do you ever feel like when your ship comes in you will be at the airport? Thankfully you are not alone. Being a business owner is not summer camp, and sometimes we get lost in the forest. We can see the light coming through the trees, can hear the water of success, but if only we could find the path that leads us there. We are so close, we can almost taste it. Sound familiar? Let’s break some barriers together and start being limitless

8 Week “Total Business Makeover” Package

We all tend to know when we need to get the cleaners in. Wash the windows, floors, nooks, crevices. Some of us even like to do that once a year.  We even splash out and order the Rolls Royce Option, with the red carpet. Well this is it.. 


More Details

Let’s traverse the lesser known path to success. Those murky waters that have no clear directions. Let’s go on a journey with no itinerary, but explore everything, do all the rides, scale all the mountains. Take some risks and laugh a little too. And at the end, look back and see what mountains you did climb and what you did manage to create, the surpassing of a wildest imagining. And say “Yes” World I have arrived, I know what being limitless is and how to sustain it.

On Demand “I need help” Package

We all need some help at some point or another. Just to get through a rough patch or to shape the next step of our business life. A outsider who understands is a good sounding board. We offer help as and when you need it.


More Details

Business can be a lonely place and the more people you ask, the more confused you seem to get. On top of that you have your own internal voice shouting commands at you left right and centre. Which way do you go and what to do. We offer hourly consulting for these confusing times. 

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