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Debra Basson


Helping you find your mojo in business

Hi, I’m Debra! People that know me, call me a whirl wind. Secretly, I love that…

My Story

I call myself an accidental entrepreneur. I loved corporate life. By the age of 23 I was already running a department of my own, I was being groomed to take over another department when the current manager retired. By 25 I had worked my way up to Superintendent and was signing off claims cheques. I never dreamed of my own business. No, I wanted to be the CEO of the business I worked at. The biggest insurance company in the country!

Then disaster struck and took all that away. I gave birth to a beautiful little boy, but a Dr’s negligence in the birth process left him brain damaged. 

So, I gave up my corporate job, and looked after him. Still a career girl at heart I started a home business. I still have that home business, 30 years later.

It has changed somewhat in the last 30 years. But, I know what it is to be stuck, I also know what it is to move on from that place. I know the pain, the joy, the challenges,and the hero moments.

I still do what I do all these years later because I know what this highway looks like, I know what it takes, I know how much water you need for the journey, I know what you need to pack in your suitcase. Because it is a road I walked myself, and you don’t have to walk the hard journey. There are shortcuts, good ones. And I want each of you to have it all.




My Values & Beliefs

Make sure that you have a purple cow, be different

In order to stand out in the sea of other businesses, you have to stand out. And make it count. You may not get another chance.

There is no such thing as a free lunch

Things that appear to be free will usually always have some hidden or implicit cost to someone, even if it’s not the same person receiving the benefit. 

The Most difficult Decision of All : To ACT

 You can do anything you decide to do, you can act and accept the consequences, or not act and accept those consequences, or you can sit on the fence and watch everyone else acting and accept those consequences. It is you who makes the decision to act or not to and how you respond to the consequences that flow from those decisions.

People will always have something to say, let them

 There will always be spectators in life. They make the highway as peaceful or as busy as you allow them to be. People will always give their opinion in the name of “honesty”. Personally I think that’s just an excuse for when people want to be rude to someone.

Don't just keep away from negative people, but

 also people who stand on your dreams, say negative things in “I was only joking” kind of ways, no they weren’t. People that don’t give you the space to be, make you feel trapped and defenceless, and a whole range of emotional responses. Figure out why they made you feel that way, and if they are dangerous to your emotional wellbeing, avoid them. 

My Approach

I am a direct communicator but not a rude person. I want people to think for themselves and not give them all the answers. I ask a lot of questions. You will get stuck a lot for the answers. The point of all of that is to make your  uncomfortable. Because then it’s going to be filed it in a filing drawer for “those” feelings. And chances are you will remember the lessons and the journey for many years to come.

And then I am a Rome kind of person too, there are many roads to Rome, but some are scenic and never actually get you there, others are long and you’ll be on them so long you will forget why you took the trip in the first place.

All roads lead to Rome, eventually!

A map of Rome and you thought I was joking!  Take a good look and decide which route you want to take, and don’t leave it until you reach Rome! 

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